Wegener's Disease in the news

Wegener's Disease in the News

This post is a round-up of all of the news stories regarding Wegener's Disease that I have come across on the web in the past few weeks.


There was a heart-warming story in Wales online in the past week. Three years ago 34 year old Ryan Davies was diagnosed with Wegener's Disease and needed regular blood and plasma transfusions. Last September his kidneys began to fail. His uncle, David Starling was a match and donated one of his kidneys to Ryan. You can read the full story here.

A similar story was published in the Daily Express last week. Johnny Breslin was diagnosed with Wegener's Granulomatosis when he was 17 and he is now 25. In January 2011 his kidneys began to fail and he was undergoing dialysis 4 days per week. His mother volunteered one of her own kidneys. Here is the full story.


Here is an account of a 15 year old teen called Cameron Bluh-Derricotte, from Greenfield, Mass. She was aided by the Make-A-Wish Foundation which funded a trip to London for Cameron.


A story in the Noosa News sought to highlight Wegener's Disease through the suffering of Maddi Swinfield-Hutchins. With the help of her mother they have set up a Facebook page to raise awareness of the disease.

 Image provided by (Mick Baker) Rooster under Creative Commons licence.