Vasculitis Foundation video - Cynthia Carr Occupational Therapist and GPA Caregiver

In this video, occupational therapist, Cynthia Carr talks about how her awareness of vasculitis began with her husband's diagnosis of GPA - Wegeners Disease. This past July, Cynthia gave a presentation at the Vasculitis Symposium in Philadelphia focusing on ways that vasculitis patients need to care for themselves. She stresses the emotional, physical, and mental challenges that demand holistic and clinical solutions for patients.

At the symposium in Atlanta last year I observed patients really struggling later in the day with fatigue and pain as they tried to push through the whole day’s events. I wanted to take my knowledge and offer some coping methods for vasculitis patients and caregivers. As a caregiver myself I know there is a need for this information.
— Cynthia Carr

Cynthia also talks about the benefits for occupational therapy for vasculitis patients because they need to learn how to those things that give enjoyment, but are limited by pain or other issues brought on by vasculitis.

Video camera image used with permission AV Hire London.