Vasculitis Foundation interview

I'm bringing you some exciting news today!

Alicia and I participated in an interview with Ed Becker at the Vasculitis Foundation this week. I have blogged about the Vasculitis Foundation previously, and you can read more about the organisation here

The Vasculitis Foundation is an international  organization for patients with vasculitis, including Wegener's Granulomatosis, their families, friends and the health care professionals who care for them. The Vasculitis Foundation advocates for early diagnosis and leading edge treatment for all patients, no matter where they live.

In addition, the Vasculitis Foundation partners with researchers around the world to determine the cause and discover the cure for vasculitis.

The Vasculitis Foundation has a very active Youtube channel that anyone wanting to know more about vasculitis would find extremely useful. Our interview will appear here. Alicia and I talk about Alicia's battle with Wegener's Disease and how and why I wrote a book about her struggle. When the video airs I'll be sure to link to it from this blog.