Twilight sponsored walk for the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation are holding a ‘Twilight in the Park’ event in support of vasculitis sufferers in the UK on the evening of Saturday 13 June 2015. The 5km Twilight sponsored walk will be followed by an exclusive outdoor cinema. 


The walk takes place in Glasgow’s Pollok Country Park, and the route goes through darkened woods which were voted part of Europe’s Best Park in 2008. It will be followed by a giant 24ft pop-up cinema screening of a secret blockbuster film.

Tickets cost £10 for adults and £5 for children. Fundraisers go free. Adults raising a minimum of £50 and children raising a minimum of £25 for The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation will get free entry.

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation was set up by Grant and Adrienne Currie following the tragic death of their 15-year old daughter and only child Lauren in 2010. Lauren had suffered from Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (formerly known as Wegener’s Granulomatosis), a variant of the auto-immune disease vasculitis.

Lauren’s condition was only diagnosed in the final hours of her life and her parents realised that, with earlier diagnosis, her life could have been saved.

Because vasculitis is uncommon and early diagnosis is an important factor in the effectiveness of medical care, public awareness of the condition is one of the charity’s main objectives.

As well as educating the general public, the charity educates medical professionals on how to spot and diagnose the disease.

We want as many people as possible to take part in this great walk and raise money for our objectives. The funds will be used to advance research into the relatively unknown condition vasculitis.

“The Twilight in the Park walk and film are a great way to honour Lauren and celebrate her life. It’s also going to be great fun and an unusual social event for those who like to help others.
— Grant Currie

If you live near Glasgow and would like to get involved, please visit the Lauren Currie Foundation website for further information.