Tragic news...

I heard some sad news over the weekend.

Phil Berggren, a prominent member of the Wegeners-Granulomatosis forum died. Phil was originally from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. He battled Wegener's Disease (GPA) for many years and died peacefully in his sleep aged 38.

Phil Berggren

Phil Berggren

Phil showed a big interest in deeply exploring his disease and helping others understand it by sharing his hard-earned knowledge. We had numerous conversations on the forum. He fought the disease strongly for many years, since 2003, until he finally succumbed. His suffering is now over.

Phil had a particularly severe form of Wegener's and ultimately his lungs could not cope any longer. Despite his continual tribulations he was an upbeat person and leant on his faith very heavily.

He will be missed in the Wegener's community, and particularly on the Wegeners-granulomatosis forum where he was an active member and had contributed over 6000 posts over the five or so years he was a member.

My thoughts are with Phil and his good friend Alysia. You will be missed.