Newcastle Wegener's Disease sufferer Ayesha Ahmed has library named after her

In August last year I reported the tragic news that Ayesha Ahmed, a Wegener's Disease sufferer who lived in my neighbourhood, had died following a double lung transplant.

Her name will live on, though, as the school where she was an avid scholar has named their library after her. Ayesha was a student at Heaton Manor School in Newcastle upon Tyne, and then went on to University in Leeds. 

Ayesha Ahmed, Wegener's Disease sufferer, has a library named after her

Ayesha Ahmed, Wegener's Disease sufferer, has a library named after her

Ayesha became ill when she was in her early teens and often had to miss lessons. She would use the school library to catch up with her studies, so it is fitting that a plaque has been erected there to honour her name.

Ayesha is survived by three sisters who either attended the school or still go there.

The idea came from head of sixth form Andy Costello and sixth form tutors Julie Routledge and Viginia Reay-Mills.

Ayesha missed an awful lot of school and would go to the library to catch up. She was inspirational, tenacious and it was heartbreaking when she died.
— Mrs Routledge

You can read more about this story on the Evening Chronicle website here.

Ayesha Ahmed, Wegener's Disease sufferer, dies after double lung transplant

I read a tragic news story this morning. Ayesha Ahmed, who was fighting Wegener's Disease and had a double lung transplant, died at the age of 21. Incredibly, she lives less than 5 minutes away from Alicia and I and was treated at the Freeman Hospital, where Alicia received her treatment. It makes me wonder just how many individuals and families are fighting their own private battle with this disease and nobody knows about it.

Ayesha Ahmed - Wegener's Disease

Ayesha Ahmed - Wegener's Disease

Ayesha was the youngest ever Wegener's sufferer to undergo a double lung transplant. Prior to the operation she had been hooked up to an oxygen machine almost 24 hours per day, and every breath she took was painful. Ayesha often had to use a wheelchair.

Ayesha had the operation in February 2011 but was rushed to hospital four weeks ago as her health deteriorated. She died on the 25th July after developing pneumonia. 

I read about the story on our local newspaper's website, the Evening Chronicle. I have contacted them to thank them for bringing this terrible disease to the public's attention and to see if there is anything Alicia or I can do to help.

Here is the link to the Evening Chronicle article.