May is Vasculitis Awareness Month


The Vasculitis Foundation, which is based in Kansas City, USA has launched Vasculitis Awareness Month to raise knowledge of vasculitis worldwide. I have reproduced their call to action below.

PLEASE join our vasculitis community around the world in
raising awareness of vasculitis and the Vasculitis Foundation.

We believe everyone should know about vasculitis!

Vasculitis Awareness is a grassroots effort – characterized by activities and events
raising awareness all over the world.

 Support Vasculitis Awareness!

  • Launch an awareness campaign on social media.
  • “Like” the VF Facebook page.
  • Submit your ‘selfie’ and visit our Wall of Awareness.
  • Download the brochures for the individual diseases and share with your health care professionals.
  • Contact your local media (newspaper, radio and TV) and ask to be interviewed about vasculitis. Explain how it is not so rare as rarely diagnosed, describe symptoms, and explain about the importance of research being conducted to discover the cause(s) of vasculitis.
  • Contact your local civic clubs, churches, synagogues or temples and offer to speak to their members about your experience with vasculitis.
  • Coordinate a VF informational display at a health fair, festival, store, or school.
  • Send an email to your governmental representatives asking them to support more government funding of vasculitis research at the National Institutes of Health. Visit your Congressional representatives when they are visiting their home districts.
  • Coordinate a fundraising event, i.e. bowling tournament, golf tournament, walk, dinner party, garage sale, special occasion gift party, etc. Email the VF office for more information.

Click here to download the 2014 Vasculitis Awareness Month poster.

What will you do this year?

I have liked their Facebook page and I hope to release my book about Wegener's Granulomatosis (GPA) later this month. Do you have any plans to spread the word?