Black Friday Book Sale!

For the first time ever I am running a Black Friday sale on my book Alicia: My Battle with Wegener's Disease.

It normally retails for £4.99 in the UK and around $7.49 in the US, but from today until Tuesday 28th November 2017 I have slashed the price below half price to £1.99 in the UK and $2.99 in the US. 

You can buy the book for Kindle, via Amazon here:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Make the most of this sale - I'm not sure if or when I'll ever have another!

If you know anyone with vasculitis or an auto-immune disease and they would like to read an amazing true life story please let them know about this offer.

"I was diagnosed with Wegener's around 6 weeks ago and whilst still being in 'rabbbit in headlights mode', was after a book to help me understand the condition better. Although mine has been focused on the kidney and lungs, the amount of detail has really helped me get a proper feel on what the disease is and what can happen. Really liked the format of scientifically describing symptoms and treatments in depth and then how these related to Alicia in particular. Found the book very difficult to put down and would recommend to anyone who suffers from Wegener's or to anyone with a relative/friend wishing to know more."  -  AJ Boyd